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Professional Skills Combined with Digital Technologies

Professional Skills Combined with Digital Technologies

The Metalworking Development from the Viewpoints of the Customers and the Functions

METALART uses not only the long-time cultivated hot and cold forging technologies, but the latest machining tecnologies, so that we try to responf to our customers' demands by offering the most suitable metalworking, always with the view point of the finished products. We will continue to develop innovative metalworking and offer many new products, as a pioneering company in precision forging with hot and cold forging technologies.

●Near net shape

Near net shape

●Parts integration

Parts integration

Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction

Our company always responds to the customers' needs, and is continuously evolving, aiming at manufacture which brings customer satisfaction. Our crankshafts are highly balanced. We make the best use of a high-precision 3D scanner and special analysis software to minimize the man-hours of rotation balance correction during machining.

Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction

Realization of Time Reduction in Development by utilizing Digital Engineering and of the Most Suitable Plan Offer by the SE Activities

Our company utilizes 3D-CAD, CAE analysis, and a high-precision 3D scanner, and we engage positively in the SE (Simultaneous Engeneering) activities with our customers. In the SE activities, we detect issues in front-loading development and try to offer the most suitable shape from the view point of the finished product, aiming at better manufacture. In addition, these activities enable us to start mass production after one prototyping exercise, and contribute to significant reduction in development lead time.

●Product development taking advantage of digital engineering

Product development taking advantage of digital engineering

●Development lead time

Development lead time

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