Privacy Policy

METALART CORPORATION ( “Corporation” ) recognizes the importance of the protection of privacy, and has established this Privacy Policy to clarify how it protects the privacy of its customers, employees and the employees of its subcontractors.

■Definition of Personal Information
Personal Information in this Privacy Policy means data which allows Corporation to identify its customers, its employees and the employees of its subcontractors ( “Relevant Parties” ) such as the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of Relevant Parties.
Corporation complies with lows and regulations governing the handling of Personal Information.
In accessing Personal Information, Corporation clarifies the purpose thereof and obtains the consents of Relevant Parties.
Corporation uses Personal Information only for such a purpose.
Unless Corporation has a due cause, it does not provide any third party with Personal Information it administers.
Personal Information which is administered by Corporation is always kept accurate and the newest.
Corporation establishes Corporation-specific rules, takes information security measures, and continuously checks and audits them.
Where Relevant Parties ask Corporation to disclose, correct, delete or stop the use of Personal Information, it responds quickly.
Should there be any accident or trouble on Personal Information, Corporation in no time makes clear-headed responses to Relevant Parties and take adequate measures to prevent the damage from spreading and the recurrence of such an accident or trouble.
■Contact us in writing at the following address,
if you need any further information on this Privacy Policy:
3-2-18, Noji, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture 525-0059 Japan